The perfect wedding does not just happen…it takes a great deal of planning, organising, as well as flair and creativity, which is why hiring a wedding planner can be a dream come true. Your special day deserves to be stress free, and your vision for the wedding day will come alive with the help of your dedicated wedding planner. Our team listen to what you want and plan accordingly, as it is your wedding after all and your dream wedding is what we will to bring to life.

Attention to detail is extremely important to us, as it’s the little things that make a difference. At Jasmine Champion Weddings, we specialise in making your wedding a memorable, stunning and an exceptional day for you, your family and guests.

Our wedding planners can organise a range of weddings to suit all backgrounds, religions and faiths including English, Asian and Mixed Faith weddings. We understand the cultural traditions for both English and Asian weddings and are extremely experienced in both areas. We have planned weddings to accommodate sit down meals for 700 people, as well as smaller, more intimate weddings.

We also have our own Personal Stylist at hand who can style the Bride, Bridegroom and wedding party. It is so important to wear the right style and colour outfit, to suit you best. You can be styled professionally which is a true luxury for your wedding, this will make you feel confident and look amazing.

Your wedding will be discussed in detail with you, as we want to make sure that all of your ideas come alive and your big day will be a true reflection of you. Your personal Wedding Planner will work with you and tailor make a wedding to suit you and can work within your budget to produce a wedding that you will be proud of, forever.